Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back from bed


I've spent the last week hacking my lungs up like a niccotine-addled granddad, hence the lack of updates. Not that there was much to blog about anyway. Little Boots won the BBC's Sound of 2009 Poll, and put up a free single on iTunes - both of which are great, although I'm still not convinced she's doing anything particularly original. And Lady GaGa deservedly went to number one - I'll have an interview with her on the site later this week.

The only new music I came across from my sick bed was a song called Glitter by production duo N.A.S.A. It features vocals by three of the zeitgeistiest artists of 2008 - Kanye, Santogold and Lykke Li, and is surprisingly funktastic. Kanye even remembers to rap, rather than singing love songs to an electrical appliance. Listen below:

By far the worst thing I heard during my week off was by folk-punk nitwit Frank Turner. His single, Reasons Not To Be An Idiot is insufferably smug, but his appearance on Radio One's Live Lounge - in which he plays a skiffle version of Take That's Greatest Day - extended my sick leave by at least a day.

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