Monday, January 5, 2009

An airbrush meets Cheryl Cole

This, apparently, is Cheryl Cole on the cover of Vogue:

Apart from the fact you can't tell whether she's lying down or standing up... wouldn't you agree that Cheryl Cole looks a little bit more like this?

Wears too much blusher

Trademark 'startled hamster' expression while singing

Poor dress sense

Cries at slightest provocation

Obviously, it's Vogue's job to take our Cheryl and glam her up a bit... But this Stepford wife could be any one of a dozen anonymous fashion models.

Ask yourself the following questions about the different Cheryls you see above:
1) Does she seem friendly and accessible, or distant and remote?
2) Is she high fashion, low fashion, or just a regular girl?
3) Is she standing up or lying down?

What Vogue have done is to remove the very essence of Cheryl Cole and replace it with an airbrushed vision of vacant nothingness. So why not just make this the cover picture instead?

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