Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Boots - really rather good

Attention! You have approximately three weeks to familiarise yourself with Little Boots before everybody and their grandmother's fishmonger names her the most promising new act of 2009.

In fact, it's already started: MTV and the BBC have got her down as one to watch in the new year. Plus, "bloggers" (what are they?) have been writing about for months, which is a sure sign of success. Just ask Tapes 'N Tapes.

In brief, Little Boots is a new-wave Blondie type with a pancake stack of pop tunes and a critical head of steam. Like Ladyhawke, then, but with better PR.

Here she is on Jools Holland playing a piano, a stylophone and a tenori-on [flashing synthesiser thing we wrote about in 2006] all at the same time! Amazing.

Little Boots - Meddle

If you want to get closer to the artist formerly known as (poshness alert!) Victoria Hesketh, go and check out her website, where she films herself playing cover versions in a tiny little flat. The current one is Wham's Last Christmas and it's guaranteed to warm your cockles. Or twatles if you're that way "inclined".

Little Boots - Last Christmas

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