Friday, December 12, 2008

Alesha Dixon video: Breathe Slow

It's the all-important second single for Alesha, whose album has only managed to get to number 26 in the charts (boooo!).

She's gone for a ballad, called Breathe Slow, written by Danish producers Soulshock & Karlin. It's not a million miles away from their previous work on Jamelia's Thank You and Something About You. In fact, it's just around the corner having a latte in Starbucks.

Sadly, that Starbucks is situated on Not Nearly As Catchy Avenue (they have really weird town planners in Denmark), and the whole thing is a bit boring.

Still, the padded bra Alesha wears in the video is totally awesome.

Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow

PS: I highly recommend that you watch this interview with Alesha. But beware, it's totally filthy - and I'm not just talking about Alesha's laugh.

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