Monday, November 10, 2008

What's going on with Mariah?

Did you see Mariah Carey singing Hero on X Factor this weekend? Every time she bellowed out a big note, there was a strange, atonal, whistling noise in the background. You can hear it at 2:42 ("Lord knows") and 3:09 ("you'll find a way") in the following video:

Mariah Carey - Hero (X Factor)

I can think of only three possible explanations:

1) Mariah's dog, Jack Jr, was singing along while hidden under her frock.
2) Someone in the production team was boiling a kettle backstage
3) Mariah has a tiny pinhole perforation in her neck, which is letting out a piercing boiling kettle-type noise when air is passed through it at high velocity.

I reckon it's definitely number three. What about you?

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