Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paris - so good, they released it twice

Friendly Fires, a three-piece dance-rock hybrid from sleepy St Albans, are re-releasing their awesome single Paris this week. It is full of minty goodness, and fully deserves a "chart" "placing" on Sunday.

The band, who sound a bit like LCD Soundsystem frenching the Klaxons, were signed in the midst of the whole "Nu Rave" craze two years ago. Luckily, that whole fad burnt out quicker than the human torch in an oxygen tank and the band have avoided being lumped in with the likes of Hadouken! or MC Hardcore Superstylee (?!).

They're currently rising faster than a bubble in a glass of Coke, and the buzz surrounding them is so loud it's like a swarm of bees presenting Buzz Aldrin with a vibrator while a Buzzard defibrilates a fridge with an electric razor.

Paris comes with a choice of two groovy videos - an expensive, kaleidoscopic one that capitalises on that aforementioned buzz, and the older, cheaper one which has scenes of a cowbellular nature. Here are they both:

Friendly Fires - Paris (version the first)

Friendly Fires - Paris (version the second)

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