Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New music from Russia!

In 2008, you can count on two things -
1) Dance music has gone rubbish
2) Music from Russia is as rubbish as it always was

So this comes as something of a surprise - a Russian dance track that's really rather good.

It's by Moscow-based producer Leonid Rudenko (who'll have to change his name if he ever wants "da kidzz" to find him on Myface or Bebo Baggins or whatever it is they're calling it these days). The song was a big smash at the Amsterdam Dance Event last month, which is apparently massively important to people like Judge Jules and "Tiesto" who, it turns out, is not a cheap Italian car.

The song is called Everybody and it has a featured vocalist who may or may not be Gwen Stefani*

Leonid Rudenko - Everybody

Out in February - presumably because they need four months to clear the Timbaland sample. Will keep you posted.

(*it's not)

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