Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Britney's Paparazzi song leaks

I think we can all agree that the whole Britney / Paparazzi situation got ridiculous during her "missing year", reaching its zenith when photographers blocked the path of an ambulance that was trying to rush the pop star to hospital.

This debacle was handled with self-deprecating good humour in last year's Piece Of Me ("I'm Ms bad media karma - another day, another drama") but, as any fule know, Britney wasn't entirely involved in the songwriting process.

So now, it's time for Ms Spears to have her say in what is billed as the next single from her Circus album...

The song is called Kill The Lights because, you see, lights are like flash bulbs and photographers use flash bulbs and Britney wants them all to be squashed to death in a Star Wars-style trash compactor surrounded by baying wolves who will later eat their entrails in a live television broadcast hosted by Ryan Seacrest, dressed as the grim reaper. [please check this - ed]

The song has now leaked. Listen below (before Jive remove it).

Key profound lyric: "All the flashin', trying to cash in, hurts my eyes".

Britney Spears - Kill The Lights

:: Kill The Lights (MP3)

PS Doesn't Britney look like Jessica Simpson on the album cover?

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