Friday, October 10, 2008

Sugababes album launch / live lounge

The Sugababes had a launch party for their ridiculously-titled Catfights and Spotlights album in central London last night. It was well weird.

For one thing, they didn't actually play the album. For another, there was a random fashion show element to the evening. This, apparently, is what we'll all be wearing next spring:

Hmmm, yes...

The girls themselves were on great form, happily mingling with the crazies and the hangers-on (I kept my distance through a combination of shyness and sanity). Here is a picture of them in their finery:

This happy-go-lucky social ease is not something you associate with the formerly surly Sugatrio. True, they're a bit older and wiser (and less hormonal) than the pre-millennial Sugababes v1.0. But I have a theory they were still on a high from their better-than-sex* acoustic set at Radio One's Live Lounge earlier in the day.

First up was the single, Girls, where the guitarist took heroic measures to ensure the intro didn't sound like Radiohead's Just. Then they did a cover of Keane's Spiralling, which was simply fantastic. Indeed, it featured the finest two seconds of the Sugababes' career to date...

Brilliant, eh? Full MP3s of the performance are available at the following locations:

:: Sugababes - Girls (live lounge) [MP3]
:: Sugababes - Spiralling (live lounge) [MP3]

* Better than sex with Peter Stringfellow or Pat Butcher. Other sexual encounters may improve on the whole 'listening to the Sugababes' experience.

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