Friday, October 17, 2008

Someone is shooting at Keane

Six months ago, this freeze-frame from Keane's latest video would have been met with a wildly enthusiastic round of applause. But now the trio have gone and got da fonk, and everyone loves them again, so please don't fire your guns at Tom Chaplin and his ickle baby face, you naughty masked men on motorcycles.

Incidentally, the Keane album is neither the stupendous revelation the "music monthlies" would have you believe, nor the two-out-of-ten bag of shit vilified in this week's NME. It's simply a collection of ten songs that starts out incredibly well - Spiralling and Lovers Are Losing are amazing power pop anthems - but tails off quite rapidly after track five. Get it when it's £5 in the sales.

I have no idea what's going on in this video, by the way. If anyone can shed any light on why a busload of dead cheerleaders suddenly starts doing gymnastics, speak up.

Keane - Lovers Are Losing

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