Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is Master Shortie the new Dizzee Rascal?

Earlier this year, Dizzee Rascal said his amazing pop-rap crossover Dance Wiv Me was a one-off, and that he wanted to go back to yelping like a broken dog over the sound of a drum kit being thrown down the stairs.

So step forward Master Shortie, a 19-year-old Brit School graduate who's not afraid of phrases like "commercially viable" and "actually selling records".

The skinny Londoner with an was all over MTV Base this summer Rope Chain, a tongue-in-cheek calling card with a hilarious cardboard cut-out video.

His first proper single comes out on 10 November. It's called Dead End and, unusually for a a rap song, it's about commitment and fidelity. Shortie likes the look of a girl he sees on the tube - but doesn't approach her because of his young lady friend.

"She can cook much better than… She looks much better than… She does it better than… you," he croons over a choppy Duran Duran guitar lick.

How sweet.

Master Shortie - Dead Set

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