Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here's Lily Allen's comeback single

It's called Everyone's At It and - oh joy - it's an anti-drug "anthem". Let's see what Lily has to say about this horrific scourge that is destroying our country (TM The Daily Mail)

Why can't we all, all just be honest?
Admit to ourselves that everyone's on it?
From grown politicians to young adolescents
Prescribing themselves anti-depressants
How can we start to tackle the problem
If you don't put your hand up and admit that you're on them?
The kids are in danger, they're all getting harassed
Cos from what I can see, Everyone's At It

But wait - hypocrisy alert!!! Didn't Lily once say she'd celebrate her first number one by taking cocaine? And didn't she also admit to dealing drugs in Ibiza as a teenager?

Luckily, she's remembered all that, too. Before we get all preachy and judgey and high-moral-groundy, she explains: "I'm not trying to say that I'm smelling of roses, but when will we tire of putting shit up our noses?".

The correct answer here is: "Who gives a flying fuck, Lily? Now, stop whining and write us a decent song."

Not that I'd deny anyone the right to change their opinions as they grow older - and kudos to Lily for not going on a massive Amy Winehouse-style bender in the wake of her success. But the lyrics - which, let's be honest, are exactly the sort of self-obsessed rubbish you write when you are strung out on drugs - do pose another, more serious problem for the starlet.

When we fell in love with Lily, it was because of her her cheeky, round-the-way girl demeanour. Now she's just another celeb, writing about her agonisingly vacuous hangers-on, who fill the empty void in their souls with a noseful of "Ghandi's baking powder" or a quick injection of "Class A gravy granules".

But they're not going to be the ones buying the records, are they?

[You can listen to this little gem on Lily Allen's Myspace page]

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