Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hear a new Dragonette song

Canadian electro-glam group Dragonette have just relased their amazing / flop album, Galore, in the US, where it comes with a fantastic gender-twisting cover of Calvin Harris's The Boys - which we all downloaded twelve months ago - as a "bonus" track.

So no new material, then :(

EXCEPT! They have previewed a new song, Gone Too Far, in a live set at Red's Kitchen.

The band say the following clip is "as close as we get to an acoustic version of this song - the studio version is the closest we've come to a 'banger'". I presume they mean a four-to-the-floor foot-stomping dance anthem. But they could also mean it is the musical equivalent of a sausage. Canadians are weird like that.

Here it is:

Dragonette - Gone Too Soon

Now, is it just me, or is the Dragonette song vaguely reminiscent of this 1990s 'club anthem' (crime against all humanity)?

The Grid - Swamp Thing

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