Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Circles & Circles & Circles again

The usual routine at Discopop Towers is to spend Saturday and Sunday curled up on the sofa (leather) drinking wine (red) and watching tv (trash). But, this weekend, we ventured out into the real world of nightclubs, pubs and concerts.

It wasn't pretty.

It still hurts.

As a rsult, we've only just caught up with the reality TV behemoths that are X Factor (Diana to win) and Strictly Come Dancing (tee hee, isn't John Sergeant silly?). As luck would have it, two of our favourite Xenomaniac pop acts were performing on the shows - Girls Aloud supporting our Cheryl on ITV, and Alesha Dixon revisiting the scene of her strictly vict'ry at Television Centre.

Both performances were good, but there were subtle differences which can only be explained via the medium of the venn diagram. Here are three examples.

Fig 1: Sparkly dresses

Fig 2: Not enough time in "hair and make-up"

Fig 3: The Simon Cowell factor

Here are those performances "in full".

Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing

Girls Aloud - The Promise

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