Monday, September 8, 2008

That Sugababes video "in full"

The cynical opportunism of the Sugababes' new single is so audacious that it deserves a kind of grudging respect.

By stealing the hook from Ernie K Doe's Here Come The Girls and adding some nondescript "independent women" verses, the band have guaranteed themselves a lifetime's supply of performance royalties from wedding disco DJs.

But the song has a distinct air of "will-this-do" hanging over it, particularly in Keisha's middle 8 section, which is more piercing than a tin whistle in a wind tunnel.

The video isn't much better, eschewing the high fashion of the band's previous video, Denial, for (yawn) some people dancing in a nightclub. The mild lesbianics from Amelle were presumably orchestrated by the same marketing focus group that "thought up" the idea for single in the first place.

Teacher's report: C+
Could do better. See me after class.

Sugababes - Girls

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