Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Sugababes single

It's called Girls, it's out on 6th October, and here is an excerpt from the press release:

"Never scared to take risks with new sounds and producers, SUGABABES have teamed up with relatively unknown producers Si Hulbert and Melvin Kuiters for Traxstarz to bring you their new single GIRLS which is based around a sample of Ernie K Doe's classic soul-funk anthem Here Come The Girls."

Or, in translation:

"Having employed the services of hitmakers like Dallas Austin, Cathy Dennis and Xenomania in the past, Sugababes have inexplicably teamed up with the people behind Booty Luv to bring you their new single Girls, which is a rip-off of a song you heard on a Boots advert a year ago, when the band were still relatively credible."

NB This single will be massive.

Sugababes - Girls (radio rip)

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