Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Duffy video: Stepping Stone

Here she is, big Welsh barnet and all, Duffy in another black and white sobfest video (can't they afford the colour processing?)

Two things you'll notice here:
1) Having so much hair is really inconvenient for everyday activities like putting on clothes or sitting down on a chaise longue.
2) Duffy's mascara no longer runs, because she has signed a contract with Nivea. Product placement ahoy!

I still think Distant Dreamer would have made a better single, especially if they'd made a simple, 60s-style, one camera tracking-shot video that slowly closed in on Aimee Ann as the song reached its climax. But they haven't. So this Glasto clip will have to do instead.

Duffy - Distant Dreamer (live)

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