Monday, August 4, 2008

Music by chavs, for chavs

This "song" is so unutterably awful that it's almost comic in its epic badness.

The recording artists, as stylish and subtle as naked wrestling night at Jordan and Peter's house, are called The Blackout Crew. They are the sort of acne-ridden tower block teens you'd more often expect to see hanging around garage forecourts, reading Nuts magazine and committing knife crime. And their song is basically No Limits without the sophisticated production.

The Blackout Crew - Put A Donk On It

For those of you confused by the lyrical content, here is an enlightening analysus by GeorgeNCL from the Youtube (youtube) comments page: "Donk is a beat, the off beat to be precise that sounds like "donk" is pretty much onematapia. DONK DONK DONK, so when they say but a donk on it, they mean, get a piece of music i.e that guitar melody, put a donk on it and make it better."

In summary, then, donk. It is good to have that cleared up.

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