Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kylie's new video - no robots!

Kylie is poised to release her fourth and last single from the so-so X album, and it is called The One. Apparently, you will only be able to download it as the record label have denied it a "physical release".

At school, I was always told that denying physical release was better known as the rhythm method, but I suppose times have changed.

Peter Robinson out of Popjustice reckons the song is one which "eight months ago, many fans instantly identified as one of the best on X, a somehow mournfully elegant disco belter which screams 'hit' in the first two seconds".

Furthermore, he argued in Attitude magazine, this is the song that should have been Kylie's big comeback single, instead of the "impossible to dance to" 2 Hearts which "flopped in at number 4".

Maybe I'm not the right sort of fan, but The One had completely passed me over 'til now. And I certainly prefer the stompy glam-pop of 2 Hearts to its bland Kylie-by-numbers electro nonsense. Even an arms-aloft Freemasons remix can't raise it above "slightly better than Red Blooded Woman" on our patented minogue-o-meter.

However, it has to be said, the video is magnificent. There are two main reasons for this:
1) A selection of wigs
2) A lack of robots.

Here it is:
Kylie - The One

PS Peter's Attitude article, on why X was a missed opportunity, is a blimmin' good expose of how not to put together a pop album in 2007. There are scans of it here.

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