Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Bryn Christopher, then

Last night we ended up in the place that used to be seedy Soho strip club Raymond's Revue Bar to watch Bryn Christopher 'showcase' his new 'material' (this is music industry jargon for "playing some of his songs", fact fans).

Disappointingly, there were no Pringles or vol au vents, but Bryn and his T4-esque good looks managed to distract our attention from the shoddy catering arrangements for a good 45 minutes or so.

In a nutshell, here's what you can expect when his album comes out later this year:

The highlight of the night was his current single The Quest - the lyrics of which, I recently discovered, are based on his brother's experiences fighting with the British Army in Iraq. This came about five songs into his set, and it marked the point where Bryn really came to life. He stopped prowling the stage and stood firm behind the microphone, belting out the lyrics with the amazing set of pipes he was hiding underneath his Fred Perry t-shirt.

Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have the same emotional investment in the rest of his material - churning out some pretty anaemic funk throughout the course of the evening. But when he gets the right material - one song called Stay With Me* was worthy of Marvin Gaye - he's definitely one to watch.

The Quest is out this week - here's a reminder:

Bryn Christopher - The Quest

* Or maybe not. There may have been drink consumed by this stage.

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