Friday, July 11, 2008

Sam Sparro looks into the future

Those of you unfortunate enough to have bought the Sam Sparro album will by now have realised that - the amazing Black & Gold aside - he is nothing more than a camp US version of Jamiroquai.

As if to ram that point home, he is now releasing 21st Century Life as a single - which is nothing more than a camp US version of Virtual Insanity... Except Sam Sparro isn't as eloquent as Jay Kay. (Take a look at that sentence again and allow some time for the true horror to sink in).

You see, in his funky diatribe about the bleak future of our planet, Jamiroquai addressed the very real issues of genetically modified crops and humanity's inherent selfishness rendering global warming an inevitablity. Samuel, however, is "confounded" by the future that is "all around him" because he has "21,000 things to do today" and his phone is "not just a phone - it's a stereo".

Well, boo fucking hoo, you pampered buffoon.

Mr Sparro (real name Falson) has done a video for this song. It does not involve him dancing around a sofa, but it's actually quite good if you can see past the trite lyrics.

Sam Sparro - 21st Century Life

Note to Sam: Those glasses make you look like a twat.

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