Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inifinite waste of time

I have scoured the internets and found these things. Have fun.

:: An amazing collection of firework photographs choreographed to MGMT's really rather good Kids' song.

Fireplays from Jon Thomas on Vimeo

:: Could Batman exist in real life?
[Scientific American]

:: Maggie Gyllenhaal, does us an interview.
[Onion AV Club]

:: How making banal decisions like choosing what clothes to wear tires your brain out for the really important questions, like cake or death.
[Scientific American]

:: A free song from Amy Winehouse's flatmate!!!!!!1eleven, etc

:: Make spaghetti out of pick-up sticks and rubick's cubes

:: This appears to be for real - an inexplicably coarse sex education lecture in the style of a Ladybird book courtesy of, er, Scotland's National Health Service.

"Shona has a banana in her lunchbox.
She shows Kirstie what she'd like to do to Tam if she had the chance."

[Be Books Online]

:: Roisin Murphy talks about recording a new album. Let's hope someone buys this one.
[Arjan Writes]

:: Find out what happened when I met the Pussycat Dolls (well, spoke to one of them on the phone)

:: How many of us are aware that when we look into a mirror we see an image on the mirror surface that is exactly half life size?
[New York Times]

:: Finally, is this really how three-year-olds deal with monsters these days?


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