Thursday, July 17, 2008

Battle of the ballads

Two US soul divas have weepy ballads lined up for their next single, but who's best?

Is it Timbaland protégé Keri Hilson, with the synth-heavy angst anthem Energy. Or is it Alicia "piano" Keys and her ode to female empowerment / Helen Slater, Superwoman?

Both artists have cleverly created visual metaphors for their song title in the video. Hilson is expending lots of energy by training for a boxing match, which is a bit like a troubled relationship, isn't it? Keys features several vignettes about women who are totally super, and stuff.

Watch the clips and cast your vote. The winner gets our eternal respect and a bowl of gummy bears.

Keri Hilson - Energy

Alicia Keys - Superwoman

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