Thursday, June 26, 2008

Liveblogging the Wimbledon queue II

10:30 The grounds are officially open. Out here in Wimbledon Park, meanwhile, we've been given a 40-page guide to queueing. "You are in the queue if you join it at the end and remain in it until you have acquired a ticket," it advises. It is good to have that cleared up, as I was beginning to get confused and disorientated.
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1055 Our section of the queue has been ushered forward from the holding area to the ticket line. Maybe 30 mins to go!
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11:50 and I'm in! Only £20 to get access to all the outlying courts - and I have the option of (another) queue for returns to Centre Court and Court No. 1. Not that I'll need one, Boris Becker's due on Court 17 when play commences at noon, and that's where I've stationed myself for now.

I have to say the whole queueing process was a peculiarly British delight - amiable, polite and well ordered. So much so that people gladly accepted stickers proudly proclaiming they'd been in line for one of the 25,000 tickets.

You wouldn't get that at Heathrow.
Current music: please God, anything but an 'impromptu' performance from Cliff Richard.

12:10 Oh, so it's Benjamin Becker. Just goes to show how much I know about tennis! In any case, I have to turn the iPhone off during the day's play, so you'll be spared my hopeless sports commentary (queues are more my thing). So that, dear readers, is that. Byeeee!

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