Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is Luigi Masi the worst pop act ever?

I've been meaning to write about this feckless no-hoper since the Girls Aloud concert a couple of weeks ago.

Luigi (catchy name for a pop star, dontchathink?) was one of the support acts and, simultaenously, one of the absolute worst performers of all time.

Why? It was mostly the eyes. The wild, staring eyes. This gave him two potential expressions - startled squirrel or crazed squirrel. Add this to his complete lack of co-ordination, grace or stage presence and it was like watching Napoleon Dynamite, only without the dance moves.

Look at this video from his official Youtube (youtube) pages if you don't believe me:

Luigi Masi doing some song or other

Isn't it brilliant that this guy's own team couldn't even be bothered to sync up the sound with the pictures? They clearly have a great deal of belief in their star turn.

In fact, if you look at his Myspace blog, you begin to get the impression his management might not be the most supportive team working in the music industry today.

"No soundcheck today again," he wrote on 19th May. "I'm used to it by now."

Meanwhile, his transport options suggest a distinct lack of planning, care or indeed cash. "I took the train up from London today to get here for the show in Nottingham," he wrote on 20th May. "Arrived at the venue at 7pm just in time to get ready to go on for 7.45!" The day before, he confesses, "We parked in the wrong place so had to walk a mile to get backstage."

Perhaps, Luigi, someone is trying to tell you something?


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