Monday, April 21, 2008

Roisin writes

Due to utter indifference on the part of everyone in the entire world, Roisin Murphy's latest single, You Know Me Better failed to make the top 40 the other week. This is a shame because:

i) It is amazing
ii) It is amazing
iii) The Kooks are in the top 10

Roisin has written a lengthy message about this debacle on her website. Here is what she says.

Hey guys, Just wanted to drop you a line to say I will never let you down. Have so much buzzing around my head right now, I know things might have been better for the single, all down to radio in my own country I’m afraid and that effects everything. Yet still, I feel strangely inspired. Gonna start writing immanently and I really feel I will do my best work yet. Look I’ve never been easy to categorise and category makes this industry go round. But I am seeping in bit by bit, I have some exciting things goin on in the background that I can’t share right now but believe me I aint out of the game yet. Keep up your support, as it means so much and try to be positive. I never had friends in high places, but I have you, and you have me. Until the end.

Shame she couldn't have run it through spell-check, eh readers?

Anyway, the news that she's recording new material is great. Roisin's album, Overpowered, is one of last year's sadly overlooked gems. Its genius stems from the way it extracts the DNA of every dance genre in history, from handbag house to acid electro, and creates a Dolly The Sheep of europop.

This towering stregnth, however, is probably at the root of Roisin's commercial doldrums. As mrsdiscopop commented in the car the other day: "This is Roisin Murphy? I thought it was something you'd downloaded from 1988."

If your tribute to the music you love is so accurate as to be indistinguishable from the original, then how do you let people know it's new?

Answers on a postcard, etc...

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