Friday, April 4, 2008

A mixtape for you

Bloggers all over the planet are wetting their knickers over a website called Muxtape, which lets you share music with the entire world and kill off the record industry as a handy byproduct.

It is, needless to say, excellent.

Anyone can sign on and upload a personal mix of 12 hand-picked gems from their dusty box of 7"s (mp3 folder). The mix can be played by any passing visitor direct from their web browser - just like real magic.

Obviously, the thing is replete with people showing off how cool they are by posting a bunch of Husker Du B-sides and epic krautrock wig-outs. I, on the other hand, have uploaded a bunch of pop bollocks from 1991 - the year I did my GCSEs and slept on a hospital floor to prove I was in love.

To have a listen, click on that tape at the top of the post (or this link right here).

And, obviously, put links to your muxtape page in the comments box.

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