Thursday, April 24, 2008

Candid photo moment

Ah, the paparazzi. Nicole Kidman is scared of them, Denise Richards throws computers at them and they've turned John Travolta into a vampire

For vast sums of money, these parasites help us discover the REAL TRUTH about VILE celebrities. You know - important stuff like: Eva Longoria goes shopping like everyone else; Paula Abdul does not have particularly good taste in dresses; and Britney Spears occasionally covers up her mimsy. (but only very occasionally, mind)

So, yes, they're a scourge on human existence. But without a paparazzo thrusting his zoom lens right up her, we would never, never, never have had the pleasure of seeing a dog wee on Natalie Portman's leg.

Question: Is she trying to collect the urine in her bottle?


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