Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Ting Tings video ever!

The Ting Tings' videos have, up until now, been cheap and charming affairs - stressing the band's indie credibility while retaining all the shiny fluorescent conventions of the traditional pop promo.

Now, Apple have got behind the band and chosen their album track Shut Up And Let Me Go to soundtrack the latest iPod advert in the US. The result is a Ting Tings video with a budget in excess of £2.50, which conveys all the energy and vibrancy of the band's shouty lady pop.

I have to say that the 30-second clip raises my expectation for their debut album, We Started Nothing, which is due out on 18th May (download) / 19th May (variety of plastic disc options). It sounds very much like the New Young Pony Club... Yum, yum.

Ting Tings - iPod advert

Here's what Katie has to say about the advert on the band's MySpace page:

Its really exciting, we love the ipod adverts, they look great. Its really funny how we got it...we played south by south west in Austin ,Texas and I fainted onstage. We had another gig an hour later and we almost pulled out of it because I was so ill. We managed to play three songs and by the last one I was shaky again but apple loved it. We so nearly didn't play that gig. So glad we did now ( :

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