Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a feeling!

I've just had this video by J-pop artist Namie Amuro brought to my attention. It's an odd thing, combining 80s pop, eurodance synths and some of the most lacklustre dancing since the last time the Sugababes were on the TV.

Namie Amuro - What A Feeling

In all honesty, it's pretty rubbish apart from the middle 8 ("false step, false, false, false step," chants Amuro, apropos of nothing) but it led me on one of those wonderful youtube voyages of discovery, which brings me to the following video:

Irene Cara - Flashdance (What A Feeling), Live 1983

Tracksuits! Kneepads! Irene Cara looking inexplicably angry!

Make sure you watch through til the end, otherwise you'll miss the magical "trying to do the moonwalk in stilettos" moment.

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