Friday, March 28, 2008

Catching Up With The Comments

It's been a relatively busy week in those comment boxes you find under the stories here on Discopop Directory. Lots of people had valid points and interesting links to share, so I thought I'd give them a more prominent position.

First up is Emma, who says: "I find it quite unusual that you never feature any music other than american or brit singers". She must have missed the recent articles on Lykke Li, CSS, Camille and Namie Amuro - but, hey, I'm always up for having my musical horizons expanded. If you've got a passion for pop from Panama, or anywhere in the world, feel free to send a tip to

Emma herself suggests checking out Angolan hipsters Buraka Som Sistema (Buraka Sound System). They're not really my cup of tea, but their new single features MIA and comes across like a Bargain Basement Jaxx. It is up on that youtube (youtube) should you want to check it out.

Elsewhere, Duane points out the uncanny similarity between The Last Shadow Puppets' single The Age Of The Understatement and Muse's Knights Of Cydonia. He's not wrong, either.

And at the bottom of my "tribute" to Voice Of The Beehive, Chris C writes in to boast about his interview with Melissa and Tracy Beehive. You can find it on his rather superb blog/podcast Revenge Of The 80s Radio

Ta for all the feedback. Keep it coming!

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