Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We like Lykke

According to there is something called the "Swedish Invasion" happening. Before you get too excited at the prospect of eating from smorgasboards and playing chess with death, I have to inform you that this invasion is of the musical, not the military, kind. has based this dubious piece of reporting on the success of Robyn and Peter, Bjorn and John who, between them, have three top 10 singles. So it's less of an invasion, more of a poorly-planned booze cruise.

Nonetheless, there is plenty of good music emanating from those Scandinavian shores. The Knife, The Ark, The Concretes and other "the" bands are tremendous fun, and I've just discovered a lady called Lykke Li (I can only hope you pronounce her name as though you're saying "likely" in a deeply sarcastic tone of voice).

The video for her single, I'm Good, I'm Gone, features a who's who of the Swedish music scene. Ted Malmros from the Shout Out Louds directed it, Daniel Värjö from the Concretes is in it, and Robyn even puts in a barely-audible appearance on backing vocals.

Seemingly captured in one take at a rehearsal, the camera swoops and dives around the band, who stand in a ramshackle circle to keep themselves in time with one another. It really captures the joy of playing live and hitting on a vibe - with all the musicians dancing along and using their instruments as makeshift percussion when they're not required in the context of the song.

You'll be clapping along yourself by the end of the clip.

Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone

PS: Lykke Li has just released her debut album, Youth Novels, which is produced by Bjorn of Peter and John fame. You can get it off her webpage if you like.

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