Thursday, February 21, 2008

Uplifting like playtex

Here are six words I never thought I'd type: The new Guillemots single is amazing!

You remember the Guillemots, right? They had a Brit nomination and everything. Not ringing any bells? Maybe you remember that in every article ever written about the band, someone mentions that they once used a typewriter as an instrument. Tres avant garde, non?

Anyway, they've got a new album coming out and the lead single, Get Over It, sounds like those amazing indie-pop crossovers of the 1980s - like Electronic, New Order, The Cure, Billy Ocean (just kidding).

Sadly, nobody plays a typewriter on it. Instead, the band rely on two of pop's most fundamental elements: A shouty chorus and a bit that goes "wooo-woo".

For good measure, they also use the "spooky funfair" sound effect from Scooby Doo. Superb.

This Spanish website has an MP3 of the track. If you are anti-piracy, you'll have to settle for a live performance on Jonathan Ross, which completely robs the song of any subtlety.

Guillemots - Get Over It

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