Friday, February 29, 2008

Roisin Murphy begs for pennies!

Ultra-fabulous pop star Roisin Murphy (her out of Moloko) has been achieving moderate success with her second solo album, Overpowered.

The title track failed to get into the Top 40 because of some chart eligibility snafu, but the follow-up, Let Me Know, reached number 28 and the album climbed as high as number 20.

It's a truly great CD, which delves deep into the record box of dance and draws inspiration from Chicago House, Miami Bass, Northern Soul and every classic British dance record of all time.

Better still, you can whistle every melody in the shower.

So what's she doing busking for grubby coppers in Covent Garden? Partly, she's accepted a challenge from arty-farty BBC pretensionfest The Culture Show. More importantly, she is expanding on her promotional campaign's theme of wearing outlandish outfits in everyday places.

For example...

Here she is doing forthcoming single You Know Me Better, acoustic-style on the streets of London town.

Roisin Murphy - You Know Me Better

And, in case you haven't heard it yet, here's the video for Let Me Know.

Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know

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