Monday, February 4, 2008

Moving pictures of Cassie and her song

I mentioned Cassie's new single, Is It You, in a somewhat hastily-written post back in November.

The song is now edging towards its official release, along with the film it's culled from Step Up 2 The Streets, which Cassie also stars in.

The music video features scenes from the film alongside the 21-year-old starlet performing the song in a dance studio near a grand piano. Unforgiveably, she neither stands on nor drapes herself over the piano รก la Michelle Pfieffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys, thereby breaking one of the cardinal rules of pop videos with pianos in them.

Even worse, there is no dancing despite the following three things:
A) the song is built around a fantastic fuzztone guitar riff,
B) Cassie is a superb dancer
C) Step Up 2 The Streets is a movie about dancing

Despite these crimes against MTV, the video is quite tolerable and you can watch the youtube (youtube) version below.

Cassie - Is it You

PS The Soundtrack to Step Up 2 The Streets is shaping up to be pretty brilliant in an R&B / hip-hop kind of a way. Head over to Chris Picks to hear the film's two new Missy Elliot tracks. They're full of chocolatey goodness.

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