Thursday, February 28, 2008

Estelle disappoints

Only one person in the world has listened to the super-groovesome bubbling electrofunk of Estelle's new single American Boy and thought to themeselves: "Hmm, this song is totally flat and lifeless".

Unfortunately, they hired that person to direct the video.

Estelle - American Boy

Presumably the director suffers some kind of reverse synesthesia (the neurological condition where you experience words and sounds as colours). That can be the only reason he has turned in such an uninspired, one-dimensional black and white video, when the song clearly screams out for a sun-kissed, bleached out, hand-held Super 8 film, with Estelle riding around Miami in an open-topped Chevrolet.

PS: If Kanye West is so great at rapping, why can't he think of a word that rhymes with seats other than... erm, seats?

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