Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eight reasons why Voice Of The Beehive ruled

1) Briefly successful in the 1980s!
2) Girls with guitars!
3) The rhythm section from Madness!
4) Making videos with an air of "gay abandon"!
5) Never actually having beehives!
6) The lyric "I drink at parties so I'll be who they think I am"!
7) Ridiculous dresses - described by Melody maker as "Astronauts Wives On Acid"!!
8) These days, lead singer Melissa Belland labours under the impression that she is a fairy!

Here is a slightly bleached version of their number 22 hit I Say Nothing. I like how it mixes into Manic Monday at the end, in a proper recorded-off-the-telly kind of way.

Voice Of The Beehive - I Say Nothing

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