Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Janet's Feedback video = good

Janet Jackson's latest video is out there on the internot and, praise be, it's a right corker.

Defying Jackson convention, the clip starts slowly as Janet apparently pays tribute to Super Mario Galaxy by jumping around a few planetoid-shaped objects. She even appears to slip off one of them about 40 seconds into the track, but that's intentional, isn't it?

After she gets all that Wii out of her system (shnarf!) the real choreography starts about 2 minutes into the track. And you should definitely stick around for the post-fadeout, CGI-enhanced dance breakdown - with Janet looking all curvalicious in a head-to-toe crimson catsuit.

British director Saam Farahmand (New Young Pony Club's Ice Cream, the Klaxons' Magick) also manages to avoid catering to any of Janet's tedious sexual preoccupations. Well, at least until the very last freeze frame, which appears to feature Janet amidst a flood of of sperms (all done in the best possible taste, of course).

The video seems to have leaked a bit early on Yahoo's US website, which loads the video intermittently if you have the patience to keep pressing the refresh button. The following embedded video may or may not work, depending on the prevailing wind.

I'll update with a Youtube link once it's officially set free online - which should be after the premiere on BET at 6pm EST tonight.

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