Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inevitable Brits analysis thing

The Brits nominations were published yesterday and, according to Radio One, Gwen Stefani and My Chemical Romance were "glaring omissions". Which is a right old bag of balls if you ask me.

The shortlist is suprisingly good - rewarding the bands and artists who made an impact at the tills in 2007. Yes, that includes the Kaiser Chiefs and their mentally-retarded Ruby song, but it also means recognition for Arcade Fire, Mark Ronson, Kanye West and Foo Fighters.

Pop acts are finally being taken seriously again after what we can only call the "Steps backlash", which means Take That get an amazing four nominations (even though their album came out in 2006) and Mika gets another four (even though, technically, he is an awful cunt).

Best of all, the almighty Girls Aloud are up for best group. Obviously, they don't stand a chance of winning when the competition is Jo Whiley's Arctic Monkeys and Marks and Spencers's Take That, but at least they haven't been bumped off the list in favour of the fucking Pigeon Detectives.

Despite Radio One's petulance at two of their automatically-playlisted artists being ignored - because no-one really likes them - the really obvious omissions are Radiohead (not eligible, apparently), The Police (not as good at playing live as the Klaxons) and Prince (not really that popular in 2007).

Also - shortlisting Michael Buble for best international male is the best Brits in-joke since Jonathan King's Brits Dance Medley in 1990.

You can find the full list of nominees here because there's no way I'm typing all that rubbish out for myself.

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