Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goldfrapp's A&E video = odd

Just before Christmas, I alluded to Goldfrapp's new single and how it was shaping up to be the best song of 2008 before 2008 had even put its head round the door to say "Hello, I am 2008 and I will be your year for this year".

Called A&E, the song is a beautiful, acoustic, banjo-fuelled ballad. In other words, it's a complete departure for the icy electronic duo... unless you count all that stuff they did on their first album which was quite similar.

According to the band's up-to-the-minute Myspace page, the video "is in and looks great" and "the lovely people at Channel 4 (in the UK) will be showing it EXCLUSIVELY on Saturday 12th January".

Except, in this fast-paced interconnected world of the internet and stuff, it "is out" and has been premiering EXCLUSIVELY on countless video-sharing websites for literally minutes.

The video all starts off very pleasantly, with Alison Goldfrapp lying in a pile of mulch singing her melancholy lullaby to the forest.

Then, for no reason at all, out pops Marjory the singing trash heap from Fraggle Rock who does a dance with some of her mates.

There is also a trangia.

Goldfrapp - A&E

(video fixed now - thanks for the emails!)

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