Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not Christmas Christmas song

I was out doing my last bout of Christmas shopping yesterday in London's Oxford Street (a man walked out of the tube at the same time as me, took one look at the crowds, announced "fuck" to no-one in particular, and went back inside).

Obviously, I was bombarded with festive tunes both good (anything by Phil Spector) and bad (anything by Macy Gray). But The Gap had a great CD on, with a peculiarly yule-some version of Blur's Tender.

After a bit of poking around on the internet, I discovered it was a remix by Japanese fader fiddler Cornelius. It's available on Blur's 10 Year Box Set, but I've stuck an MP3 below to get you in the festive spirit.

Note that this version is sadly lacking in the sleigh bells that The Gap sellotaped all over the song like a badly wrapped Christmas parcel.

Blur - Tender (Cornelius remix)

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