Thursday, December 20, 2007

Momentary amusement

A vaguely diverting "game" called Wikipedia Discography is doing the rounds on the internet at the moment. The rules are this: Go to the Wikipedia homepage and click on the 'Random article' button 12 times.

The first result is the name of your globe-straddling, axe-weilding, plank-spanking rock band. The second is the name of your international hit album, and the next ten are the track names.

Here's what I got:

WENO - Boileryard Clarke
1) Panagia, Cyprus
2) Valle De Hecho
3) Voxel
4) Fear Itself
5) Lil' Love
6) Shouchangoceratinae
7) Modern Day Zero
8) Fanny Alger
9) stdbool.h
10) Manhattan Roller Hockey League

I reckon it's a dodgy European P-Funk album, circa 1984.


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