Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lily Allen covers ELO

If Lily Allen really does plan to retire to raise chickens and pigs like she told the Sunday Times' Weekend magazine, it is generally agreed that it would be a "bad thing". This is because, by that stage, we expect her to be on I'm A Celebrity eating a crow's adrenal gland from a jug of rhino snot.

Luckily, Lily still has two and a bit years to go before she debases herself on live TV. In the meantime, she has popped into a recording studio to knock off a cover of ELO's Mr Blue Sky.

It is very squiggly - much like a wriggly worm playing a Roland TB-303 in a glass of tequila - and Lily thoughtfully adds a boogie-woogie piano solo. There isn't a song in the world that wouldn't be improved by a boogie-woogie piano solo

Note to Jools Holland: That was sarcasm.

A Chilean fan website has an MP3 of this track, which is being used in the following French TV commercial:

Lily Allen - SFR moile advert

Ha ha. Isn't foreign telly rubbish?

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