Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Flippin' Christmas

Dearest reader,

I am going away for Christmas now. At least part of it will be spent in prison*.

Normal service will be resumed next weekend, when I'll run-down the annual totally unbiased Discopop Directory Top 10 albums or singles of 2007 (I haven't decided which to do first).

In the meantime, here's a seasonally inappropriate clip from my favourite comedy discovery of the year, BBC Four's musical spoof show Flight Of The Conchords. In this scene, guitarist Brett is angry at being replaced in his band by a flash-in-the-pan bongos player, and works out his anger in the style of a 1980s Jerry Bruckheimer movie.

Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Brett's angry dance

PS: If you liked that, there's a DVD available here, and the band plan an album and tour in 2008. Yay!

*Not a joke: My mother-in-law is a prison chaplain, and we'll be "on the inside" for the Christmas Day service

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