Friday, November 23, 2007

Girls Aloud Live Lounge 2.0

Guess what? The Aloud have just been on the radio, doing all of that "singing" that they are renowned for.

Backed with a full band they belted out two songs - using their lungs to force air over their vocal cords which they caused to vibrate, resulting in pitch, while the noise was shaped into words using their mouths.

It was quite a technical feat, all told. And, according to Nadine, the whole session was performed in sunglasses, lipgloss and winter coats. Now that's class.

Here are the musics what they done.

Call The Shots

This one is simply brilliant. The acoustic arrangement suits the downbeat melody and the girls hit the harmonies perfectly.

With Every Heartbeat

This builds up quite nicely after a shaky off-key beginning. But it doesn't have the impact of Robyn's own acoustic cover earlier this year.

If you want more live Girls Aloud, you can listen to their Live Lounge tracks from last year on this page.

In other news, their album looks set to be the highest new entry this weekend - giving them a well-deserved number two. Congratulations!

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