Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Even more new pop: Girls Aloud!!!

Girls Aloud's 17th (!!!) single, Call The Shots has leaked here and here and here, amongst other places.

If you can't bear to be torn away from this website, then (a) well done, and (b) here is what to expect:

1) It is a bit slower than most Girls Aloud songs but it is not one of their ropey ballads
2) Sultry would be a good word to describe the overall "tone"
3) Other good words would be "shamelessly" and "commercial"
4) One of the key lyrics is Ah-ow-ah-ow
5) Another one is Oooh-oooo-oooh-ooo
6) It doesn't sound like anything else the band have recorded
7) But it is still instantly recognisable as a Girls Aloud song

In other "it's something about Girls Aloud, so I will print it" news, here is what the band have to say about their forthcoming fourth album:

As we all know, Girls Aloud return to the world of pop with Tangled Up, their brand new album out 19th November. Everything else has been kept under wraps, locked away in a tiny safe at Fascination records… until now!

We can now announce that the album will see the girls team up with long-standing collaborators Xenomania and will feature the singles Sexy! No No No… and the catchy mid-tempo track Call The Shots.

The album will also feature future hits such as I Can't Speak French, which sounds like a contemporary take on the classic girl groups of yesteryear*. Meanwhile, the full-on Girls Aloud attitude come out in force on tracks like Blackjack and Fling with their raucous mode, synth, bass and sassy lyrics turned up to the maximum."

* I pray to God they mean the Supremes and not Bananarama.

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