Friday, October 5, 2007

Britney's back

It's been said before, but Britney's new single is actually very good - which makes it all the more sad that her record company has decided to exploit her illness to promote it.

I'm not just saying that... Here's what a representative from Jive Records told MTV earlier this week: "When you have someone at this level of celebrity, they become like cartoons or soap-opera characters, and we forget that they're human beings."

Okay, he also said "Jive does care about her and does support her," but what's the point in writing a blog if I don't get to take things wildly out of context for dramatic effect?

Anyway, here is La Spears' latest video - which appears to have been recorded off someone's iPhone (la-di-da). You will notice two things:

1) Britney Spears
2) A pole

At first glance, you might think she is doing a dirty stripper dance. But no, she just needed something to hold herself up.

Britney Spears - Gimme More
(Oh dear - looks like it's been taken down. But you can see a clip here)

To make up for that appalling display of lacklustre posturing from a one-time superstar, I'm also posting the rather excellent video for I Get Around by British popsters Dragonette.

I've cruelly ignored this band all year because I once heard a thirty-second clip of their debut single and thought it sounded rubbish.

I was wrong.

I mean, how can you argue with a band who use this as their publicity shot:

Imagine the sleaze of Soft Cell, mixed with the pop of the Pet Shop Boys and the cheek of Calvin Harris. That is what Dragonette sound like.

Their album, Galore, has just appeared in the record shops (if record shops still exist, I'm not sure). I urge you to check it out.

Dragonette - I Get Around

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