Sunday, October 7, 2007

Arcade Fire's freaky hand video

At first glimpse, Arcade Fire's video for their new single Neon Bible might seem to be a black and white glumfest. And it is - but with a cunning twist... By the wonders of modern technology, you can click on bits of the screen and influence what happens as you watch.

It doesn't stop Neon Bible being one of the most oppressive, creepy songs of the year (mrsdiscopop can't listen to it in the car because it "makes you think everyone is a serial killer") but it is a diverting way to spend three minutes of your life.

I can't post it here because of technical gremlins, so you must go to the band's Beonlineb website to immerse yourself in the gloom.

Have a miserable day,
All my love,

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