Monday, September 10, 2007

Who is this pretending to be Britney Spears?

And is she stoned?

As you can see, Britney's much-vaunted "comeback" performance at the MTV VMAs was a ghastly, embarassing spectacle. She appeared to be moving through treacle, barely remembering what to do or say, as the audience looked on in a kind of stunned disbelief (except for Rihanna, who was clearly laughing her head off).

All of which raises the question: Should Britney really be out promoting a single so soon after her spring/summer of madness?

Since her VMA appearance was announced, I've been concerned that La Spears would go even further off the rails if she had to endure the usual round of rehearsals, interviews, performances and photo shoots that would be required ahead of an album release. On this evidence, she shouldn't even be going round the shops for a pint of milk and, let's face it, a pack of Rizlas.

Here's what the internet is saying about the show:

"This performance is like the death rattle on a career that has been filled with potholes and it looks like she didn't even care... I dont really give a shit about Britney Spears, I just love the schadenfreude of it all."
Media Morgue

"She can no longer lip sync, which is a problem when you can’t sing."
Sit at home and rot

"If she had worn trousers, or even a skirt, the performance would have been reviewed a lot kinder."
Hullaballoo on the Popjustice forums

"The only impressive thing about it was how she managed to count her steps and lip sync at the same time. Multi-tasker that one is."
Fueled by Rice

"Intensely reminiscent of Paula Abdul’s rendition of Vibeology on the 1991 VMAs."
Rolling Stone

"Your beer belly looked hot!"
Perez Hilton

Update! Here is Britney in happier days, back at the 1999 (1999!) MTV Video Music Awards. Note the live vocals and awareness that she is in front of an audience.

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