Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A thing about Leona "inspector" Lewis

Leona Lewis is a conundrum. Is she, as music mogul Clive Davis would have us believe, a truly international talent? Or is Jamelia right to call Leona "a poor man's Mariah Carey?"

Last night we got a chance to find out, as Leona did a "showcase" (sang some songs over a backing track) in the impossibly posh Madarin Oriental hotel in London.

Here are some things we scribbled on a notepad during the show.

1) That is a very nice dress.
2) Is she singing Bleeding Love or Bleating Love?
3) When you really think about it, there should be more love songs for and about sheep.
4) She really has got a beautiful voice, hasn't she?
5) Mariah would never have released this one.
6) Or this one...
7) And especially this one.
8) I wonder how much a good pair of hair straighteners costs these days?
9) That gospel choir is clearly miming But they seem quite happy about it, so that's okay, then.
10) I hope there is more champagne later.

In conclusion, Leona Lewis' new material is very good if you like that sort of thing (that sort of thing being slightly over-produced mid-tempo US balladeering)She may not be the new Mariah, but Toni Braxton may have something to worry about.

Listen for yourself: Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (MP3)

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